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Soundstage is a new and unique regular London-based arts event. Each month, there’ll be a line-up of two special guest interviewees, discussing their popular work and achievements. There’s likely to be a touch of inspiration and advice. Soundstage looks set to be highly appealing to the creative community and beyond. 
The events will take place at The Others, 6 Manor Road, Stoke Newington.www.theothers.uk.com

Thursday December 4th / Doors at 7pm, starts at 7:30pm, £12.50 

To mark around a year ahead of the eagerly-awaited Star Wars VII, we welcome Gary Kurtz,

the producer of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, and DJ Yoda.


After collaborating with George Lucas on American Graffiti, Gary played a key role in the phenomenal Star Wars as its producer. Of course, he then oversaw the production of The Empire Strikes Back, Gary’s final collaboration with Lucas.
He then worked with Muppet creator Jim Henson on 1982’s The Dark Crystal and Slipstream, which starred Star Wars’ Mark Hamill.

In this exclusive interview, Gary will largely discuss his role in the making of the first two Star Wars films and his thoughts on the others in the series.


Top turntablist DJ Yoda is closely affiliated with Antidote Records, a cutting-edge hip-hop label and has gained many scratch-DJ accolades. A demo mixtape fell into the hands of Antidote Records, who offered to create an official CD mix for release. The result was a popular DJ Yoda’s How to Cut & Paste Mix Tapes album series. 
DJ Yoda can be found cutting the Indiana Jones theme with dubstep or The Muppet Show theme with MIA. His shows include film, TV and YouTube samples with visuals that lift his sets to new heights. www.djyoda.co.uk

Soundstage December 4th Event


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Thursday January 8th / Doors at 7pm, starts at 7:30pm, £12.50 

Our first event of 2015 welcomes acclaimed actor David Morrissey

and Simone Marie Butler of Primal Scream.


One of Britain’s most respected actors and twice BAFTA-nominated, David Morrissey has gained recognition and acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic, partly due to The Walking Dead and The Driver, the recent BBC One drama. His other notable roles include his portrayal of Gordon Brown in 2003’s The Deal and State of Play, broadcast the same year. Diversity could be a key word that sums up his career, considering appearances in the likes of the musical drama Blackpool, alongside David Tennant, the perhaps best forgotten Basic Instinct 2 and Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. Then there was the rather underrated Red Riding trilogy, made for Channel 4 in 2009. In recent years, David established himself all over the world as the villain known as The Governor in the hugely popular zombie series The Walking Dead. David has always proved to be a highly reliable and believable actor, whether as everyman and downtrodden characters or sinister figures in authority.  


Simone Marie Butler is the bassist of the highly popular and legendary rock band Primal Scream. She succeeds Mani, who left the band to reunite with the Stone Roses. Simone grew up in a musical environment and as well as being influenced by rock n roll at a young age, trained in a classical background, playing her first concerts at the age of twelve in school orchestras as first violinist. After studying art and playing in local bands, she became the first female manager to run a guitar shop in London's Denmark Street, which is steeped in music history. Before joining Primal Scream, she played bass for several garage rock and electronic bands. She also worked as both radio and a live DJ and has provided atmospheric sound-scapes to spoken word poetry. Her influences include soul, Motown, Detroit garage rock, such as MC5 and The Stooges and psychedelia. Simone hosts a show on Soho Radio, Naked Lunch.

Soundstage January 8th Event


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Thursday February 19th / Doors at 7pm, starts at 7:30pm, £12.50 

Our second event of 2015 welcomes leading television drama director Colm McCarthy

and Francine Stock, the presenter of BBC Radio 4’s The Film Programme.


Colm McCarthy is one of the UK’s leading directors of television drama. He directed the recent series of Peaky Blinders, one of the most acclaimed dramas in recent years. Colm also directed The Sign of Three, the second episode of the third series of the phenomenally popular Sherlock.  He was responsible for the Doctor Who episode The Bells of Saint John, which saw Clara Oswald becoming a companion to Matt Smith’s portrayal of the time traveller. His other credits include Ripper Street and Hustle. Twitter.com/MccarthyColm


Francine Stock is probably best known as the regular presenter of BBC Radio 4’s The Film Programme, which is broadcast every week with interviews and insights from the world of film. Francine joined the BBC in 1983 as a producer on The World at One, PM and The World This Weekend. Various reporting and presenting jobs followed in News for Radio 4, as well as documentaries and the late night discussion programme, No Illusions. Her television work includes reporting and presenting The Money Programme and Newsnight. Francine read Modern Languages at Oxford, has had two novels published, and is writing a third. Twitter.com/FrancineFilm

Soundstage February 19th Event


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